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Influence | Creating the Virtuous Organization

Organizations, by nature, have a great potential to influence. With all the value that resources of human and financial capital bring, along with the power of infrastructure, reach, and influence, they hold a natural position to impact the world around them far beyond their core business. They have the power to shape broad human behavior and to mobilize an individual’s capabilities and time for social good. A virtuous organization thoughtful and persistently organizes all of this power to work with others to build systems that create maximum value. 

Within an organization, individuals have the power to step up as leaders to facilitate change. Any employee can be the catalfyst for creating a virtuous organization. This change can begin at the top level or lower levels of a company, and will follow processes of social cohesion and contagion as the ideas spread throughout the organization. 

In partnership with other organizations, a virtuous organization can transform its industry for maximum social value creation and impact. By setting common goals, working across sectors, and building virtuous systems, a business can play an invaluable role in elevating individual, communities, and society.

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